In the latest episode of Bon Voyage 4, BTS‘s Jimin looked adorable, with cheeks flushed as red as a tomato.



It was during a round of drinks that followed dinner…


… when ARMYs and his fellow members realized Jimin was completely flushed.

Jimin, why is your face so red?

— Suga


While it’s Jimin’s natural blush, escalated by the toasty room temperature and that shot of soju, Jin playfully asked him if he’s embarrassed about something…

Are you feeling a little shy?

— Jin


… and Jimin went along with the most aegyo-filled response!

Must be because it’s so nice to see you guys again, after a month.

— Jimin


Jimin then showered the members with love while flashing his finger hearts…


… which the members and ARMYs found absolutely adorable!


Is Jimin — or drunk Jimin — not the most UWU-est thing ever…?

Bts Jimin Feature


Watch the short clip here: