BTS‘s Jimin has the body to match his gorgeous face. With his long long legs and perfect proportions, it’s no wonder he can model clothes so well. These following photos prove this as a fact.

Check them out below!

1. When he’s rocking an all-white outfit

jimin all white

2. When his proportions are perfect

jimin thigh

3. When a concert view is the best view

jimin concert

4. When he looks tall AF

jimin tall

5. When jeans are his thing

2017 jimin

6. When he just stood there

jimin masterpiece

7. When his legs go on forever

jimin car

8. When he’s as long as the bed

jimin shoot

9. When even videos from above show off his legs

10. When he’s sitting comfortably on stage

jimin on stage

11. When he commanded our attention

iHeartRadio Live With BTS At iHeartRadio Theater New York

12. When he vacationed in Paris

jimin paris

13. When he wore black from head to toe

jimin all black

14. When he coolly arrived at the airport

airport jimin

15. And finally, when he showed off his flexibility

jimin jeans