BTS‘s Jimin eats up the stage each time! With various concepts and outfits, he manages to slay each one perfectly. Jimin in chokers however, is a different story. Here’s how he wears 8 different chokers!

1. Embellished black

Jimin with a thick, beaded choker and blond hair may have been the death of us.


2. Thin black

Back when he had brown hair, Jimin rocked the combination of a dangling chain earring and a a plain black choker.


He rocked it in another instance with blond hair too.

3. All white

An absolute angel!

4. Embellished white

A white version of number one, this time he paired it with a beaded velvet jacket too.

5. Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds!

Okay, maybe not real ones, but Jimin is worth more than any diamond anyway.

| SBS 

6. Thick black

Do you like him with a thin choker or a thick one?

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7. Scarf choker

This one sits lower and looser on the neck, much like a scarf.

8. Crystals

This one is a personal favorite!

Which choker did you like the best on Jimin?