In a past interview of BTS Jimin’s dad for Busan Arts School magazine, he reveals he is grateful to his son for allowing him to do what makes him happy.

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Bill Gates’ father wrote in his book that although there are a lot of people that make charities from their parents’ assets, he is the only one to start a charity using his sons’ assets. But looking here, it seems like he isn’t the only one. What does it mean to you to have a charity?

To me, charity work is happiness. And I am thankful to Jimin for that. To be able to give back, and allow me to live this life of sharing, is because Jimin too, has the same thoughts as me of giving back what we receive. We have the same way of thinking (laughs). Although I am someone who has done charity work in society for a long time, I think the fans that are also practicing this are truly amazing.

⁠— BTS Jimin’s dad


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Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to Jimin as his father?

I want to tell him, “You have to know how to look back. That is how you can go forward.” Honestly, as father and son, we communicate quite a lot. Through phone and texts, we constantly tell each other we love each other, and we also express it in person too. I really love Busan Arts High School. I also keep in touch with teacher Lee Hwa Sung as well. I think this place is the best prestigious high school because I am always reminded of my son’s entrance ceremony where he was the class representative to take the oath.

⁠— BTS Jimin’s dad


Like father like son, Jimin takes after his father’s loving and big heart as he continues to make an influence on the world with his positive and hopeful message.