In the last seven years, BTS have transformed themselves from the inside out. Like the rest of his members, Jimin has learned how to love himself more, and it shows.


Being a perfectionist and a professional, Jimin is his own toughest critic. In the beginning, he tended to be especially hard on himself in regard to his outward appearance and his on-stage performances. If there was room for improvement, that meant there was room for errors too.


No matter how hard you work or how skilled you are, everyone makes mistakes. Some things are out of your control, but Jimin is living proof that you can always control one thing: your mindset.


In the past, the smallest error could ruin Jimin’s feelings about his whole performance. During The Wings tour in 2017, his voice cracked twice during a rehearsal and his mic fell off.

The staff tried to reassure him, but he continued to stress over his mistakes.

In 2019, Jimin revealed that he no longer dwells on his mistakes as much. Now, he encourages himself by telling himself that he’ll do better next time.

This mental glow up can be seen in Episode 5 of Break The Silence. During BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF tour, Jimin experienced throat pain and ended up losing his voice.


This was difficult for his members to see, knowing how frustrating it feels to be in that position themselves.


When the unexpected happens and we suddenly lose our voice, we can’t give a good performance no matter how much we want to. That’s why we end up getting mad at ourselves. I think Jimin will be feeling very apologetic toward ARMY right now.

— V

Instead of dwelling on it, however, or blaming himself, Jimin took it in stride.


It’s true that I didn’t do a good job, but I don’t think I was overcome with despair or regretful or self-critical. I just accepted the circumstances. Of course, I’m sure there were a lot of people who were worried about me because it affected my performance. I want to grow further and faster so I can show them a really great performance. In my head, I was telling the fans, “I’ll do better real soon.”

— Jimin

In the past, Jimin might have broken down over the situation, but he isn’t that person anymore. During a talk with ARMY, Jimin explained that these tears had nothing to do with being upset.


They were tears of happiness!

I wasn’t feeling well up until yesterday. Still it was okay because I could do everything I wanted to. I told myself it would be okay. But the reason I cried last night was because you were singing with me. I was so moved by that. It was a great gift for me.

— Jimin

After seeing Jimin’s transformation, it’s no wonder why so many fans are following his lead and learning to love themselves each step of the way!