Jimin couldn’t help staying in touch with ARMY even when he was on vacation. He has too many stories to tell them!


BTS had performed at the star-studded Lotte Family Concert, the last scheduled performance before their 2-month hiatus in 2019. The next day, Jimin went live with fans to talk about the concert, a six-year-old keepsakeAgust D‘s music, and more.


At one point, a fan asked him if his earrings are comfortable to wear and this led to a story about his first ear piercing. It happened after Jimin came to Seoul to train at Big Hit Entertainment.

On weekend, Jimin planned to meet up with V and their friends, but things didn’t exactly go as planned.

Jimin and one friend arrived on time, but V was nowhere in sight.

It turns out that ARMY’s favorite “Winter Bear” was hibernating!

Jimin ended up waiting 2-3 hours for V to show up, but after the first hour and a half, Jimin spotted an earring stand nearby.

Since he had nothing else to do, he decided to get pierced!

Ever since then, Jimin has had a love for ear piercings. Unfortunately, his ears don’t heal well so he currently only has three. If he could though, he’d love to have a helix piercing.