BTS‘s Jimin recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss how his life changed during the pandemic and what he’s learned over the past year.

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Jimin revealed one of the biggest lessons he learned was to take their own messages to heart and become his own source of strength in times of difficulty.

I realized that we’ve been telling people to really love themselves and telling them to be stronger. This year, I began to tell myself these things as well, and convincing myself that this is also something I need to keep in mind.

— Jimin

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Additionally, it was a time to center himself and reset. He admitted he was able to reflect on various aspects of life and make positive changes.

I also realized there were times when I was being too on the edge with people around me. And I thought that I should go back to the way I was, to realign my gears, so to speak, so that I can become again the person that I used to be when it comes to how I treat people around me and how I treat myself. Now, I see people reacting positively to even small positive changes.

— Jimin

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However, it wasn’t just smooth sailing. Jimin admitted he still felt the silence of being unable to meet fans for a year, which was a difficult adjustment after over 7 years of being able to receive strength from ARMY in person.

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Just like anyone, Jimin felt the effects of the pandemic and began to question everything.

I still have a series of negative thoughts about the situation. You know, “Why are we in this situation?” You know, “What are we doing?” And I didn’t want to acknowledge or admit or face the fact that we can’t see our friends and can’t do the things that we had been doing, as you said, for the past seven years.

— Jimin

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However, with his newfound outlook, he’s able to gain strength and is hopeful for the day BTS can see ARMY face-to-face again.

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