BTS‘s Jimin always has his eye makeup on point, but it’s extra satisfying when his eyeshadow matches his hair color. Just look at 9 of the many times it all looked so aesthetically pleasing together.

1. Paint the town red

Jimin has been rocking the matching hair and eyeshadow look for years now. Back in July 2015, he matched his red hair with red eye makeup.

jimineyeshadowmatching_1a jimineyeshadowmatching_1b

2. Pretty in pink

At the Fact Music Awards in April 2019, Jimin wore subtle pink eyeshadow to match his bright pink hair.

jimineyeshadowmatching_2b jimineyeshadowmatching_2a

3. Brown bear

Back in February 2015, Jimin had auburn-toned brown hair, which looked amazing with this orange-brown eyeshadow look.

jimineyeshadowmatching_3a jimineyeshadowmatching_3b

4. Golden boy

What better way to complement Jimin’s golden hair at the 2017 KBS Gayo Daechukje than with golden eyeshadow to match?

jimineyeshadowmatching_4a jimineyeshadowmatching_4b

5. We purple you, Jimin

Purple hair was one of Jimin’s most iconic looks, especially when the stylists matched it to his makeup at the Love Yourself in Hong Kong concert back in March 2019.

jimineyeshadowmatching_5a jimineyeshadowmatching_5b

6. Tickled pink

Jimin went for an even cuter, softer all-pink look when he matched his hair and eyeshadow in these selfies.

jimineyeshadowmatching_6a jimineyeshadowmatching_6b

7. Orangeade

Jimin looked out of this world wearing orange eyeshadow with his orange hair at the 2015 MC Gayo Daejejeon.

jimineyeshadowmatching_7a jimineyeshadowmatching_7b

8. Gray matter

At the MCountdown in Jeju concert in October 2016, Jimin’s ethereal gray hair was paired with an amazing monochrome smokey eye.

jimineyeshadowmatching_8a jimineyeshadowmatching_8b

9. Man in black

This super-dark smokey eyeshadow looked perfect matching with Jimin’s black hair in May 2018.

jimineyeshadowmatching_9a jimineyeshadowmatching_9b