Earlier today, American talk show host Jimmy Fallon tweeted asking for people to send in song lyrics they had misheard using the hashtag #MisheardLyrics–and these 9 misheard BTS lyrics were absolutely hilarious!

BTS on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in 2018. | NBC

1. “Michael told me in the closet, I got some chicken, I am so sad.”

The original lyrics: “나의 고통이 있는 곳에 / 내가 숨 쉬게 하소서” (pronounced “naye gotongi itneun gose / naega sum shwige hasoseo) which translates to “Please allow me to breathe / In this place where my pain lives,” from their 2020 song “On.”

2. “I suffer wherever I go”

The original lyrics: “I’m so fine, wherever I go,” from “Idol” (2018).

3. “I love myself, I love my fans my kids and my wife.”

Original lyrics: “I love myself, I love my fans, love my dance and my what” from “Idol.”

4. “Wake up in Tokyo, feel like a torso.”

Original lyrics: “Wake up in Tokyo, feel like a torn soul” from RM‘s 2018 solo track, “Tokyo.”

5. “Riding to the city with a little funky sore”

Original lyrics: “Shining through the city with a little funk and soul” from their first English-language single, “Dynamite.”

6. “Ayyyooo, I’m a fried green tomato.”

Original lyrics: “가져와 (gajyeowa) bring the pain oh yeah” from “On.”

7. “Money, money, money.”

Original lyrics: “원해 많이 많이 많이” (pronounced “wonhae mani mani mani“) which translates to “I want you a lot, a lot, a lot,” from “Blood Sweat And Tears.”

8. “Girl, your hairy chest.”

Original lyrics: “Girl, you have your chance,” from Jimin’s 2020 solo track, “Filter.”

9. “Freaky love.”

Original lyrics: “Fake love” from the 2018 song of the same name.

We hope these made you laugh as hard as we did!

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