In the latest Bangtan Bomb episode, BTS members were spotted checking out the House of BTS pop up store in Seoul.

house of bts main


When Jin came across a mirror wall of the members’ handwritten messages…


… he put his detective eyes to the test and tried to guess which handwriting belonged to whom!

This ‘ARMY’ handwriting is mine.

— Jin


Jin matched several of the handwritten messages correctly to their owners…

This ‘Us’ handwriting is J-Hope’s.

— Jin


… and claimed he is a mem-jal-al, which means he is “BTS-savvy” and knows his members well.

This ‘Hello!’ handwriting is Jimin’s.

— Jin


Looks like Jin is a huge ARMY himself, who got the members figured out down to their handwritings!

jin final


Watch the full clip below: