BTS‘s Jin is young and rich, but he frequently seems to forget it!

Jin (left) and Jimin (right)

From selling “colleagues”…

| BT21/Youtube

| BT21/Youtube

…to auctioning off BTS’s music video props, Jin is always searching for easy ways to make extra cash.

| Weverse

The statue [from “Blood, Sweat & Tears” MV] is at director Lumpens’ company storage room, but he said he’ll give it to me. I’m selling – drop offers.

— Jin

On Weverse, a fan recently shared a post about J-Hope‘s handsome looks, humble heart, and onstage talents. For Jin, this was the perfect opportunity to ask for money!

| Weverse

J-Hope, I love you. Give me some pocket money.

— Jin

According to J-Hope though, it should be the other way around!

| Weverse

Jjwan [a cute way of writing “Jin”]…I’ll visit and formally bow to you on the Lunar New Year. I should receive pocket money from our eldest hyung [brother].

— J-Hope

J-Hope isn’t the one Jin playfully tried to swindle. When a fan asked Jin to tell them a punny dad joke in exchange for their life’s savings, Jin had no qualms about accepting that offer. He provided fake bank account details and asked the fan to transfer approximately 45 cents USD to him.

| Weverse

Kookmin Bank 11111111111, please deposit 500 won!

— Jin

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