The self-appointed CEO of “Jin Hit Entertainment”, BTS‘s Jin, may have purchased a sports car fit for royalty!



Aside from roasting ARMY on Weverse and posting photos of his fishing trip with Suga, Jin has kept his vacation activities private. Recently though, a fan happened to spot him doing some shopping at a Lamborghini store.



According to the fan, who posted this photo on Weibo, Jin left the store in a royal blue Aventador S Lamborghini.



This luxury vehicle sells for a jaw-dropping $522,000 USD, making his previous Porche purchase look cheap by comparison!

IAA 2017/Frankfurt Motor Show 2017. 11.09.2017: IAA 2017 Internationale Automobil Ausstellung Frankfurt 2017 - Copyright Stefan Baldauf / SB-Medien


In 2017, Jimin posted this video of himself riding in the passenger seat of Jin’s car.


That car is believed to be a Porsche valued at over $100, 000!



With his luxury cars, million-dollar apartment, designer clothes, and the most expensive accessory of all–his handsome face–Jin has everything in the CEO starter kit. Now, it’s only a matter of time until he takes over Big Hit Entertainment!