BTS‘s Jin is rolling in cash these days, but he is still a “broke rookie” at heart! This born businessman is always working a side hustle, and it often involves “selling” BTS’s possessions to fans!

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1. Gold Medals

Most recently, Jin playfully offered to auction off BTS’s gold medals from a Run BTS! episode.

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I’m selling the gold medals from Run BTS! I want a direct transaction, I’m thinking of a ₩1.00 trillion KRW [about $896 million USD]. Interested billionaires, please contact me.

— Jin

After giving it some thought, he decided to give ARMY’s much-abused wallets a break by offering a discount.

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I’m not saying I’ll sell for ₩1.00 million KRW [about $896 USD], it’s a discount up to ₩1.00 million KRW [about $896 USD], so please prepare to pay  999,990,000,000 won.

— Jin

2. Jungkook’s couture fashion

On Run BTS!, the members created DIY outfits from secondhand clothes. Afterward, Jin offered to sell his outfit to fans. (Note: This sale did not include the model, Jungkook.)

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Selling clothes, make an offer.

— Jin

3. The angel statue from “Blood, Sweat & Tears” MV

On Weverse, a fan shared screencaps of this kiss between Jin and an angel statue, reminiscing about the moment.

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Jin saw this as the perfect opportunity to make a quick sale!


The statue is at director Lumpens’ company storage room, but he said he’ll give it to me. I’m selling – drop offers.

— Jin

4. Shooky’s friends

Even BT21 isn’t safe from Jin’s get-rich-quick schemes! In Season 3, Episode 1 of BT21 UNIVERSE, Jin told Suga to sell Shooky‘s friends to raise money.



5. Appreciation plaques

After playing athletic games and battling an obstacle course, each BTS member was awarded a gold plaque.


Jin’s first thought? “Let’s sell these when we go broke.” 

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