Jin is proving, once again, that he’s all about the hustle life!

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BTS recently guested on tvN’s You Quiz On The Block for the show’s 99th episode. In this 100-minute special, the members answered questions in an interview segment, played games, and more.

When Jin received prize money from host Jo Se Ho for correctly answering a quiz question, he immediately tucked it away in his jacket for safekeeping.

Later, on Weverse, Jin said, “No one asked me for it, so I took it all for myself.”

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Jin also posted two photos of himself holding the prize money from You Quiz On The Block after having promised a fan that he would upload a selfie.

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In the past, Jin spent his extra cash on items in his favorite game, MapleStory. When a fan asked him what he would be spending his ₩1 million won ($880 USD) on, however, Jin gave the most leJindary answer possible.

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I’m saving to pour all the money into a bathtub and bath with it.

— Jin

We’re imagining something like this:

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