BTS‘s Jin may be the oldest member of a global boy group now, but back in the day, he was simply just another kid. Jin once shared on live stream that he absolutely loved bringing his friends home.


However, he realized something was off when his older brother once brought his friends back as well. His mother had immediately offered to buy his older brother and his friends some pizza.


Jin then started protesting that his mother was being unfair, as he had never been offered pizza when he brought his friends home.


Unable to hold back, Jin’s mother slammed her son with a bout of truth – while his older brother only brought friends home once or twice a month, Jin would bring his friends twice a day! Naturally, she could not buy Jin’s friends pizza every single time.


She even asked him, “do you want to keep stocks in the form of pizza?


Baby Jin only had one thing to say. Apparently, he’d shot back, “is hyung’s mouth counted as a mouth while mine is just a hole?


As adorable as pouty baby Jin was, the worldwide handsome star can now afford as much pizza as his heart desires!

| @bts_twt/Twitter

Catch the clip below.