BTS‘s Jin was seen in Seoul Gimpo International Airport on July 12 for BTS’s schedules in Japan. There, he proved once more that he is Worldwide Handsome, having people shook with his fantastic visuals.

bts jin

With his self-dyed purple hair and his shoulders as wide as the Pacific Ocean, fans are falling for Jin’s immaculate features. Some fans are even saying that he’s the world’s most beautiful sculpture since he has perfect proportions!

bts jin1 bts jin2 bts jin3

ARMYs are saying the main point of his look is his glasses, which makes him both look handsome and cute!

Seokjin in glasses is a killer.

– Netizen

bts jin4 bts jin5 bts jin6

Many can’t get over how good-looking he says, saying his visuals plus his personality, kind heart, and sense of humor makes him a perfect man. Fans hope to meet him one day and pray that he has a safe trip to Japan and that he and the rest of BTS complete their schedules without any problems.

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