In BTS‘s latest comeback live broadcast, Jin revealed that one simple shot in the “Life Goes On” music video surprisingly required numerous takes.

Today, BTS held their first comeback live broadcast in nine months to celebrate the release of their new album BE.

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As part of the broadcast festivities, the members reacted to the incredible “Life Goes On” music video, stopping the clip throughout to share stories about the shoot.


Towards the end of the music video, Jin asked the BTS members to stop on this scene in particular:

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After Jin sings his lines about running away to the future, he softly closes his eyes, marking a pivotal moment in the music video’s storyline.  However, despite the simplicity of the scene, it actually took Jin eight takes to get right! And, according to the star himself, it was all because of Jungkook.


Every BTS member played a role in the production of BE and “Life Goes On”, from visual director V to project manager Jimin. Jungkook‘s role was none other than music video director—fitting, since videography is one of his biggest passions outside of music.

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As the director, it was Jungkook’s job to make sure every shot in “Life Goes On” came out perfectly—including Jin’s close-up shot. But why did that scene take so many takes to get right? Apparently, the problem was Jin’s eyes.

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Jungkook kept pointing out that I closed my eyes weird!

­— Jin

Of course, director Jungkook was quick to defend his vision. “It was a critical scene”, he insisted, “but something was missing!”. Considering how impactful this shot is in the final music video, it seems the maknae did the right thing by reshooting as many times as he did.


Now ARMYs just wish they could see the cut footage for themselves. After all, you can never have enough Jin!