BTS Suga‘s love for sleeping is quite well known, and there have been many moments where Suga was caught sleeping during broadcasts.

During the 2015 BTS FESTA, Jin shared a story of a time when he got “surprised” due to Suga’s sleeping.

suga jin
BTS’s Jin (Left) & Suga (Right)

At the time, Suga and Jin were roommates. Jin shared that they put their beds next to each other so that they could watch movies.

| Bangtan Subs/YouTube

One day, Suga asked Jin to watch a movie together. Despite Jin being tired that day, he agreed to watch the movie and did his best to stay awake.

| Bangtan Subs/YouTube

However, while watching the movie, Jin suddenly heard snoring. He looked over and saw that Suga had fallen asleep!

| Bangtan Subs/YouTube

Just another story about Jin and Suga’s adorable relationship!

Here’s the full video below!