BTS recently wowed fans with their 2020 Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS stages. However, Jungkook’s chameleon-like appearance instantly grabbed ARMYs’ attention as he transformed for each performance.


Starting with their “ON” stage, Jungkook emerged in a slick-backed two-block hairstyle.

His charismatic appearance matched the song’s intense and fierce performance, putting a sexy and edgy spin on his typical “ON” outfit.

However, for “Dynamite,” Jungkook’s expressions and overall aura became noticeably different.


He showed a much warmer expression, switching from his cold aura in the previous stage to a brighter feeling.


In “Life Goes On,” he underwent yet another transformation — This time, he nailed the pure and angelic look.


His expressions felt lighter and matched the sincere message of the song.

Netizens were amazed by how he managed to change so drastically with each appearance on stage.

All three of his stages look like different peopleㅜㅜ

Every stage felt like a different person, it’s amazing

— Netizens

Even during the Red Carpet appearance and while accepting awards, he emerged with a new, professional look.


It seems there’s nothing Jungkook can’t pull off!