In BTS‘s new music video for their latest single, “Butter,” Jungkook debuted a new edgy look that left fans in awe of his charisma and visuals.

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Not only was his bright indigo hair impossible to miss, the piercing on his right eyebrow left everyone asking the same question: Is it real?

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During BTS’s recent live broadcast to discuss the release of “Butter,” Jungkook showed off the cool accessory and revealed to everyone’s dismay that it’s not a real piercing.

He explained that they’re stick-on gems and even removed them from his face to prove it.

The gems are so easy to use to create the illusion of a piercing that V immediately stuck one to his nose and created a fake nose piercing!

Sadly, ARMYs will have to wait for another day if they want to see Jungkook with a real piercing!


Check out his look in the new music video below!