BTS‘s Jungkook has been following through with his goal to learn English, and the effort he’s put into it is showing.

bts jungkook 3

In a past clip, RM asked Jungkook which English word is impossible for him to pronounce. So, he cutely stumbled through pronouncing the word “frustrated.” But, that all changed in a follow-up video.

bts jungkook

When J-Hope asked him how he was feeling in English, Jungkook had a reply waiting for him. He confidently stated, “Frustrated,” with a bit of exasperation.

He’s been taking his language learning serious, especially if he used his willpower to overcome the “impossible.” If anyone is struggling to learn a language, use Jungkook as inspiration that you can succeed.

It’s especially noticeable in “Dynamite”, where Jungkook’s improved English pronunciation has shown the amount of effort and time he dedicated to learning.