By now pretty much everyone knows BTS‘s golden maknae Jungkook is talented in just about everything. From music, instruments, producing, drawing, the list goes on!


In the most recent episode of BTS’s Run BTS!, famous chef Baek Jong Won made a guest appearance to judge their cooking skills.

While cooking, Jungkook caught Baek’s eye and was impressed at all the cooking tips he already knew!


Baek complimented Jungkook for being quite the sensible cook!

He even knew the fried egg trick, impressing Baek even more!

But not only is he good at cooking, he’s also passionate about eating it too!

Look at how happy our Jungkook is after receiving praise from Baek Jong Won himself!

There’s nothing that our Kookie can’t do!

| @archivekukk/Twitter