Last summer, BTS‘s Jungkook fulfilled his teenage dream of getting tattoos, and he has added new ones since then.


His “ARMY” hand tattoo was one of the first revealed to the public. It shows just how much Jungkook loves his fans and, needless to say, that affection is mutual!


On October 21, Jungkook dropped by BANGTANTV for a surprise log, where he talked about his role in creating BTS’s comeback music video for BE, and more.


A fan’s comment about Jungkook’s tattoos, or as they phrased it, “body art”, caught his attention. He leaned in to get a better look and read it aloud. It said, “Your body art is very beautiful.” 

He cheerfully explained that the comment seemed to be translated from its original language to Korean with a translation app.

“I saw a large post popping up,” he explained. “so I read it and it said ‘your body art is very beautiful’. Thank you. I’m thankful for your words.” 

Watch the log here: