When Jungkook joined BTS, he was incredibly shy, but according to his new biography that wasn’t always the case.


In Jungkook’s “My Biography” interview for Volume 8 of Japan’s  FC magazine, he shared his hopes for BTS’s future and memories from his childhood.


Jungkook began life as a spirited, “mischievous boy” who loved to being outside much more than he likes being in a classroom.


I was a very mischievous boy when I was young. I loved playing outside as a kid. I really hated studying though. I got in trouble by my mom a lot. I was the type of kid who would run down the hallway and eat lunch fast at school (laughs). I even tried out for a b-boy competition even though I wasn’t good at it. I sang 2AM’s “This Song” during a field trip in middle school too.

— Jungkook

At a young age, this vibrant star began auditioning to be a singer, even though he didn’t quite know what his dream was yet. “You might think that I had a dream of becoming a singer from a young age,” he said. “but truthfully I still didn’t know what my goal or dream was even when I tried out for the audition program. “

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For Jungkook, the audition was just for the experience and he went into it without putting pressure on himself.

It was more of a ‘what will be will be’ type of mindset and was also just for fun.

— Jungkook

When he arrived for his audition, however, he became overwhelmed by the number of people in the audition hall.


But when I arrived at the audition hall, I became intimidated by the large crowd. I started to shrink after being surrounded by so many strangers. This might be the time that I began being shy around people I didn’t know.

— Jungkook

This acquired shyness would follow Jungkook all the way to Big Hit Entertainment in Seoul, where he met his future members and best friends. As a trainee, Jungkook was so shy that he would keep to himself and shower only after the other members had gone to sleep.


With the help of V and his own determination, Jungkook eventually shied away from his shyness and became the powerful entertainer we know today.

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I was really shy during my trainee days and lacked sociability. But it got better after V joined the company. V and I have similar personalities and it’s thanks to him that I came out of my shell. The more I became close to V the more I liked him.

— Jungkook