BTS have been officially announced as Louis Vuitton‘s newest House Ambassadors. Shortly after the announcement, BTS appeared on Louis Vuitton’s artistic director Virgil Abloh‘s Instagram story.

bts lv
| @LouisVuitton/Twitter

ARMY noticed that the boys all have new hairstyles…

bts hair
| @virgilabloh/Instagram

Jungkook heard us arguing about whether or not his hair was blue or purple a while back, so now, like the thoughtful guy he is, he has given us both!

bts hair2
| @virgilabloh/Instagram

J-Hope is ready to put the theory that “blondes have more fun” to the test. His hair is now bleached blonde!

bts hair3
| @virgilabloh/Instagram

RM and Jimin are kind of sus though… Hats completely covered their hair.

bts hair 4
| @virgilabloh/Instagram

Meanwhile, Suga, Jin and are rocking long hair. Time to bring back the mullets!

bts hair 5
| @virgilabloh/Instagram

BTS’s comeback is definitely near!

Check out Jungkook’s hair evolution from this year:

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