Although BTS‘s Jungkook may be the sweet, soft golden maknae right now, he did go through a bout of puberty just like any other human on earth. Hilariously for us, his peak teenage years were captured on camera as a young idol. Fans recently uncovered his tweets from BTS’s rookie days.

With the spiky gelled hair, heavily kohl-ed eyes and pouty squint, he looked every bit the teenaged rockstar wannabe. We’ve all been through that phase. He captioned the photo with a chic, “Rookie award“.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter via pann

Does anyone remember this moment from 2014? As the boys were heading to Osaka, Japan, the next day, Jungkook snapped a few goofy shots of him “flying” but you’ll never guess how it went down.

  • “Tomorrow I’ll fly to Osaka.”
  • “Who took the photo for you? Perhaps, was it the cool yet innocent Jimin hyung?”
  • “I took it myself. I used the self-timer. In order to match the timing, you have to get a little nervous.”

@BTS_twt/Twitter via pann

Lastly, this tweet from 2013 absolutely took the cake.

ARMY, this is Jungkook. Today was Music Bank’s last stage but I am not the least bit sad. Because we still have Inkigayo tomorrow. It is really great that we can see everyone once more. Well then.

— Jungkook


@BTS_twt/Twitter via pann

No one can deny it, Jungkook has always been cute and funny since debut!