During BTS‘s recent Good Morning America performance of their title track “Butter”, Jungkook caused fans to see double.

bts jungkook

While watching the performance, one fan snapped a still that left them scratching their head.

They thought they were seeing two Jungkooks at once, a short-haired one in the center and a long-haired one on the left. Ten of thousands of fans were amused by how alike the two members looked.

Even when a clip of that moment was shared, fans joked the two were twins. It didn’t take them long at all to figure out who was who.

Although Jungkook had been rocking long purple hair not too long ago, V was the one with his hair pulled into a ponytail for the performance.

bts v taehyung

Even when they’re not trying, V and Jungkook find a way to pull a trick on fans. Were you fooled by the “twins” too?

bts jungkook v taehyung