Apple Music has some explaining to do because they just changed BTS Jungkook‘s profile picture and fans are not okay.

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BTS fans noticed that Apple Music changed the profile photo for Jungkook’s artist page and this has created quite a buzz online. In the newly uploaded photo, fans can see the BTS maknae‘s side profile along with his famous silver hoop earring stack. In the background, fans can also see V holding the violin, which started to create many theories around the meaning of the photo and the reason behind the sudden change.

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While the photo itself is not entirely new as it comes from the boy group’s BE album, ARMYs can’t help but get excited since this is not the first time that this has happened. Just last year, Apple Music swapped Suga‘s photo on his artist page and the following day, Agust D dropped his D-2 mixtape

agust d
| @perfectboykoo/Twitter

It should be noted that Apple Music allows their artists to upload and change the profile photos on their own. This means that either Jungkook or someone from Big Hit Entertainment deliberately changed the photo for his Apple Music page. With this sudden change, fans were quick to speculate that the maknae of the group could possibly be on the verge of dropping music. They started to connect the dots and believe that his newly debuted blonde hair at the 35th Golden Disc Awards could also be an indication of something new.

jk blonde
Capture of Jungkook at the “35th Golden Disc Awards” with his new hair.

This picture change created a further buzz amongst BTS fans since it is not just Jungkook that can be seen in the photo, but member V as well. There have been numerous theories thrown around by ARMYs online from a Jungkook mixtape to possible a V-Jungkook subunit.

With their previous experience with Agust D and his sudden mixtape drop, it’s no wonder ARMYs are freaking out. Looks like everyone will have to wait for further updates!