In 2020, BTS made numerous records with the albums they released in the year, not the least of which was coming out with the now best-selling album in the history of South Korea’s music industry, Map of the Soul: 7.


With so many people purchasing this album worldwide, it would be nice to know whether or not all seven members had an even amount of lines between all the songs in the album!


Between full-group songs, partial-group songs, and solos, there is a ton of variety on Map of the Soul: 7. Here are the line distributions for each of the songs, as well as the total percentage of lines that each member had in total on the album.

1. “Intro: Persona”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T140646.607

2. “Boy With Luv” (ft. Halsey)

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T141633.671

3. “Make It Right”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T141811.277

4. “Jamais Vu”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T141929.683

5. “Dionysus”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T142037.093

6. “Interlude: Shadow”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T140747.434

7. “Black Swan”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T142151.456

8. “Filter”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T140816.941

9. “My Time”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T140852.392

10. “Louder Than Bombs”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T142412.554

11. “ON”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T142536.017

12. “UGH!”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T142808.202

13. “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T143028.471

14. “Inner Child”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T140959.149

15. “Friends”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T143215.230

16. “Moon”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T140925.612

17. “Respect”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T143403.620

18. “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T143534.543

19. “Outro: Ego”

meta-chart - 2020-12-15T141022.894


meta-chart - 2020-12-15T144738.503

Most lines: Jimin (17.4%)

2nd: Jungkook (17%)

3rd: V (15%)

4th: Jin (13.2%)

5th: Suga (12.7%)

6th: RM (12.2%)

7th: J-Hope (11.6%)

Note that there’s about 1% off of final chart because of Halsey’s lines in “Boy With Luv”!

Overall, while there is definitely some variation between the members’ lines, the fact that there’s only a difference of about 6% between the member with the most lines and the member with the least lines is pretty impressive!