The dream of BTS‘s new merch shop is now a reality!


On October 23, BTS’s MAP OF THE SOUL showcase opened the doors to its Seoul location.

| @bighit_merch/Twitter

This pop-up store is a dream destination for any ARMY wishing to buy exclusive merchandise while immersing themselves in BTS’s universe.

| @bighit_merch/Twitter

The store pays tribute to BTS’s entire discography…

| @bighit_merch/Twitter

…and various album concepts. Here, fans can re-experience the WINGS era…

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…get their shopping “ON”…

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…and leave the real world behind for a fantasy land of their own making.

| @bighit_merch/Twitter

The showcase also features larger than life sculptures of Tiny Tan

| @bighit_merch/Twitter

…and a recreation of the “Dynamite” donut shop for photo-ops.

| @bighit_merch/Twitter

BTS’s Seoul showcase is open until January 24 next year. Additional showcases will be opening in Tokyo, Japan and Singapore from November 14, 2020 to February 14, 2021. Fortunately, fans who can’t visit the showcases can still buy MAP OF THE SOUL merch at online stores for their region.