When BTS appeared on MBC‘s C-Radio Idol True Colors, they talked a bit about their ideal types and the things they look for in a girl. Here’s what each member had to say when describing their ideal type.

1. Jin


Jin likes girls who know how to do housework and can cook.

2. Suga


Suga doesn’t really have an ideal type, but first impressions are important to him, as he wants a girl who charms him immediately.

3. J-Hope


For J-Hope, personality matters a lot when it comes to his ideal type.

4. RM


RM didn’t go too in-depth about his ideal type, but he did admit that he finds it charming when a girl wears high top shoes.

5. Jimin


For Jimin, he tends to like cute girls.

Not only that, but Jimin also likes girls who are a bit silly and have unique charms to them.

6. V


V tends to like girls who are a bit unique.

He also wants to be with someone who takes care of him.

7.  Jungkook


Jungkook likes girls who are tall and have pale skin.

Here’s the full video below!