On June 11, BTS released new profile cards for their “2019 BTS FESTA”. They answered a variety of personal questions, including, “What has changed from a year ago?”. Here are their answers.


1. RM


I have a lot more things that I like, want to see, and want to keep beside me. Whenever I look at nature and art, I feel happy, refreshed, and find the inspiration and strength to live.

— RM


2. Jin


I’ve begun to buy clothes.

— Jin


3. Suga


I aged by one year. 27 years old.

— Suga


4. J-Hope


My age..?? I’m the same…!! As last year~

— J-Hope


5. Jimin


I don’t have bad thoughts.

— Jimin


6. V


Hair color, skin, what I focus on, length of my hair, baby fat, 25 years old. Every morning has been difficult these days.

— V


7. Jungkook


I dress better. I got a bit older. I became a bit more mature.

— Jungkook