BTS gathered together to celebrate Lunar New Year and make a handmade card for ARMY while wearing beautiful traditional hanboks. But instead of each member making their own card, they teamed up to make one ultra special card that shone with each of their individual styles in a timed relay.

| Big Hit Entertainment

First up in the New Year card relay were V and Jungkook, who set the stage with their bold sketch of a bokjumeoni (a fortune pouch) and cow.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 10.36.08 AM

Jin and J-Hope were up next, and took charge of coloring the sketch that V and Jungkook previously laid out. They also praised the previous two for their artistic abilities while making light of their own skills.

J-Hope: If we did the sketch it would have been awful.

Jin: We probably would have drawn a stick figure for the cow and just drew some horns.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 10.38.44 AM

RM, Jimin, and Suga put the finishing touches on the card, with RM adding stickers, Jimin making a frame, and Suga finishing the coloring. The end result was a unique and colorful heartfelt New Year card filled with BTS’s love for ARMY.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 10.46.22 AM

As V added the last last finishing touches, the members urged him to write “ARMY” on the card, chanting “ARMY! ARMY! ARMY!” Happy Lunar New Year, from BTS to ARMY!