Who are those guys? “Locals”, aka the general public, want to know! Whenever BTS appears on television or award shows outside of Korea, they attract a lot of attention. Here are 20+ nicknames locals gave to Those 7 Guys Who Paved the Way.


1. Car Door Guy


Jin‘s viral nicknames include:

  • Car Door Guy
  • Third One from the Left
  • The Guy with the Brown Hair

2. The Guy with the Glasses


Some of RM‘s viral nicknames are:

  • The Guy with the Glasses
  • The Blonde Guy

3. The Little Guy Throwing Gang Signs


Suga‘s viral nicknames include:

  • The Little Guy Throwing Gang Signs
  • The Bad Boy of the Group
  • The Guy Wearing the Red Shirt
  • The Man Who Dropped the Mic at the End of the Song

4. Ball of Sunshine


J-Hope‘s viral nicknames include:

  • The Fun Guy in the Middle
  • Ball of Sunshine

5. The Guy With The Pink Hair


Some of Jimin’s viral nicknames are:

  • The Guy with the Pink Hair
  • Glittery Jacket Guy
  • The Guy with the Purple Hair
  • The Blonde Guy with the Silver Jacket

6. The Man in Black


Some of V‘s viral nicknames are:

  • The Man in Black
  • The Guy with the Long Black Coat
  • The Guy with the Curly Hair
  • The Guy Next to Ariana
  • The Guy with the Blue Hair
  • The Guy with the Mint Green Hair

7. The Guy With The Dracula Coat


Jungkook‘s viral nicknames include:

  • The Guy with the Dracula Coat
  • The Guy in the Middle
  • The Guy with Black Hair