BTS has made history by not only making a first-time nomination at the 63rd GRAMMY Awards, but also for being the first Korean artists to perform on stage!

| @BigHitEnt/Twitter

Performing their first English-only single, “Dynamite”, they blew fans away with their top-tier performance, from their outfits to the set.

BTS has come a long way for this night, from GRAMMY award presenters, GRAMMY collaboration stage, GRAMMY nominated and now a GRAMMY solo performance.

| @BigHitEnt/Twitter

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group could not physically attend the ceremony, so they recreated the GRAMMY stage in Korea!

BTS never fails to show us high-quality energetic performances that just gets better every time!

Congrats once again to BTS!

Watch the full performance below!