Recently, various online communities have been sharing photos of BTS Jimin‘s fashion and comparing it to boyfriend looks that girls wish to dress their own men in.


The shared photos show Jimin dressed in casual outfits that look fashionable despite not vibrant or “blinged up” whatsoever.


The one thing that Jimin’s outfits have in common is how comfortable they all look.


But at times, Jimin adds some spunk to his outfits by adding strong colors such as red, green, or blue.


How well Jimin is able to pull off such simple outfits could be attributed to his proportions, which make his face look small and his body look long.


As such, many netizens have been admiring these photos for Jimin’s casual look and wishing that their boyfriends dressed like him as well.

Check out many more photos of Jimin’s effortless “boyfriend look” below:

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