Behind-the-scenes photos of ZE:A‘s Lim Siwan and Park Hyungshik during a photo shoot have been a hot topic among fans since its release.

On August 29, ZE:A posted on their official me2day some behind-the-scenes photos of ZE:A’s “Phoenix” album jacket photo shoot. The photos are from the photo shoot for the Japanese version of “Phoenix” and were supposed to be Hyungshik’s individual cut. Since Hyungshik is the tallest member of the group, Siwan was photograpphed looking rather envious of his height.

Park Hyungshik , who boasts a height of 184cm (6′ 2″), sported a white suit that showed off his long legs. Even when Siwan was staring at him, Hyungshik kept his cool and didn’t even look back so he could finish his photo shoot.

At this, fans commented, “Park Hyungshik is like a mannequin,” “He is a true uhm-chin-ah (mother’s friends son or someone who is perfect in everything),” “I think Siwan is truly jealous of Hyungshik’s height,” and more.

Meanwhile, ZE:A has released their new single, “Phoenix” on August 27 and will give their first performance on “M.Countdown” on August 30.