If you have ever wondered if BTS sees your posts about them… Well, they do!

An ARMY, Park Rissa, (@carissanazirah on TikTok), posted a video in which they reacted to the ever so iconic episode 132 of Run BTS! in which V swam shirtless.

V in “Run BTS!” Episode 132| @katehafortaeguk/Twitter

Another ARMY, Itzel (@.btsarmyyy__ on TikTok), was tagged on the post by another account. While watching the video, they noticed a verified account in the comments.


Masih terngiang ngiang & meresahkan dr td malam ???? @bts_official_bighit #bts #btsarmy #cucokcucucimory #taehyung #foryou #fypdong #fypシ

♬ Mungkin Hari Ini Esok Atau Nanti – Anneth

The official BTS account had commented, responding to the video with a laughing emoji! Not only that, but BTS had commented on the video the day that it was posted, meaning that they had seen it before it had gone viral!

| TikTok

This confirms that BTS does, in fact, see videos made by ARMYs. No matter how small you think your account is, the boys are likely to see what you post. With that being said, be careful what you post!