On August 31, global brand ambassadors BTS released a new song called “IONIQ: I’m On it” for Hyundai. Hyundai’s IONIQ is a new electric vehicle line-up brand that focuses on economy and “catering to individual and sustainable lifestyles”.

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While shooting the music video for “IONIQ: I’m On it”, RM explained the meaning behind their project. “For this special project, we have all focused on individual moments that are important to us,” he said. “For me, time for inner self is extremely important, I believe we all need time for reflection to be able to grow.”

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Each member’s lyrics are about a new future and the members’ outlook on it. As RM said, he sings about a “time of inner self”. “Full energy, higher esteem/
Better focus on what’s charging me”. 

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sings about a “time of newness” with, “When I look into your eyes / all I see is you filling my mind.” 

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BTS’s daring maknae, Jungkook, sings about a “time of adventure”. “Though I bump into something / New possibility”. 

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Suga‘s “time of encouragement” is encouraging listeners to keep going when things get difficult. “I see a sign saying “slow it down”/ I’ve pushed myself too hard (cheer up)”. 

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“When we’re together, I get my energy / The memory, it makes me go again,” Jimin sings in his “time of emotion”.

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J-Hope‘s “time of creation and inspiration” is all about going boldly into the future. “Make it loud/
Make it right”.

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How do you achieve your goals? Through a “time of continuous effort”, according to Jin‘s lyrics. “Where I am heading for / It’s finally one step away”.

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The music video for “IONIQ: I’m on it” will be released on September 2. Until then, you can listen to the lyric video here: