BTS is the first artist to participate in Seo Taiji’s new remake project, “25”!

In celebration of his 25th debut anniversary, Seo Taiji will hold a concert on September 2 and start a new project in which junior artists will remake some of his best songs. It is meant to create a musical bond between Seo Taiji and junior singers and also to deliver meaningful music to listeners.

A source from Seo Taiji’s agency explained, “In addition to BTS, Seo Taiji will choose the next junior singers who will participate in the project and work closely with them to pick and arrange the song they will remake.” Seo Taiji will announce the next artists one by one.

Many fans were delighted by BTS’s performance of Seo Taiji’s “Class Idea” at the 2016 KBS Song Festival, and Seo Taiji himself also thought highly of the performance.

Meanwhile, BTS was the only artist from Asia to be nominated for the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, and their second album “WINGS” ranked 26th on the “Billboard 200,” which is the highest any Korean artist has ever achieved. They were also winners of the music category of the Shorty Awards and became the most-viewed K-pop group on YouTube.

Who’s ready for some BTS and Seo Taiji collaboration?

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