BTS recently video conferenced in to the Serpentine Gallery in London to talk about their contemporary art exhibition project, titled “CONNECT, BTS”.

bts connect music art 4


During the conference, Jin began to introduce the exhibition by revealing how diversity can be used to connect people instead of dividing them.

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We all grew up in different cultures and speak different languages, but I believe there is a significant meaning behind the fact that we’re able to gather together to respect diversity and spread positive messages.

I believe we can create a world that’s not divided by our differences but connected through our diversity.

— Jin



Jungkook explained how he believes artworks and music are very similar, especially when it’s made with the public and fans in mind.

bts connect music art 2

I felt a similarity between how the artist said he creates his projects with the public and how we also create and perfect our music by conversing with the fans and performing in front of them.

— Jungkook


Suga expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to spread positivity all throughout the world through all channels of art form.

bts connect music art 3

Through music, we’re able to converse without borders. And I believed it to be not that different from artworks. I’m grateful that we can have such a positive influence through art.

— Suga


And J-Hope emphasized how art holds more value and shines brighter when you share it with those you love.

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I believe that art hold more value and shines brighter when you share it with the public. I hope that through this opportunity, we’re able to convey our gratitude to ARMY who continue to support and love us, as well as everyone else.

— J-Hope


“CONNECT, BTS” is a global project between BTS and 22 contemporary artists from 5 different countries. Starting from London, the exhibit will continue on to Berlin, Argentina, Buenos Aires, New York, and Seoul.

Through their special exhibition, BTS and the artists will try to connect music and art by celebrating the diversity in each artwork.

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