BTS‘s RM is sharing his birthday thoughts and showing sincerity to fans with a heartfelt letter.



On September 12, RM posted this letter to Twitter to Weverse. Here’s what it says.


“Are you doing well on this rainy, late summer day? To be honest, I don’t remember my birthdays before I turned 20.”



“If I look back on it, they were somewhat special and appropriately dull. Once I realized that birthdays were for celebrating our parents that had us rather than ourselves, I felt that way even more.”



“On such a day of September 12, I’ve heard this over 7 times. Shakespeare  once said, “We’ve become known through the friends we love.”



“I realize that through you, whom I love, I became known and became that much more special.”



“I’m thinking that if I become someone that can make you more known through love and sincerity, the feelings that can’t be expressed with words can touch one more person.”



“I can’t say I witnessed all of the love I was showered with today, but I’d like to still thank you with this letter. I hope we can be happy for even one more hour. I love you.” — Namjoon