Today, Episode 138 of BTSs show Run BTS! aired ahead of its weekly schedule on JTBC2. If you missed it, don’t worry; the episode will air again at its usual time (9 PM time on April 20) on Weverse and VLIVE. Here are 10+ memorable moments from this ping pong special!

1. BTS’s reaction to Jungkook hitting the ping pong ball…with his abs

2. RM playing peek-a-boo games with this camera

3. Everyone praising V’s ping pong skills

4. “J-Hope hyung” letting the maknae hit his butt, because why not?

5. Ping Pong Master Jin showing everybody how it’s done

6. Jimin helping Jungkook cheat to win

7. V frog-hopping his way across the floor

8. You know “Hope On The Street”, but have you met “Hope In The Zone”?

9. This serotonin-boosting hug

10. The staff zooming in on V’s deadpan expression

11. Ping Pong Champ J-Hope coming through!

12. Winter Bear: The Saga Continues

13. RM’s unique technique