The wireless communications brand SMART has released promo photos and a music video commercial to launch a new campaign with BTS. Here are 8 details you might have missed in the video!

1. Escher anyone?

This CF features gravity-defying sets that might be inspired by the Dutch artist M.C. Escher.

| SMART Communications/Youtube

The stairs in RM‘s library are strikingly similar to the Penrose stairs in “Relativity.”
“Relativity” by M.C. Escher | The M.C. Escher Company/

2. The messages

Throughout the video, messages appear in the background. They encourage viewers to “keep inspiring,” “keep learning,” “keep moving,” “keep chasing your passion,” “keep exploring,” “keep living your purpose,” and “keep connecting.” 

| SMART Communications/Youtube

3. “Like an echo in the forest…”

BTS’s SMART CF is a stand-alone work, but a few scenes calling to mind past music videos, performances, and concept photos. One is Jin‘s flower set. It shares similarities with…

| SMART Communications/Youtube

…this “Black Swan” set. BTS danced here for a performance on The Tonight Show. 

| The Tonight Show/Youtube

Jin’s set might also remind longtime ARMYs of…

Passion and purpose have no limit with Smart Prepaid. 0-3 screenshot
| SMART Communications/Youtube 

…this set from the Japanese “I NEED U” MV.

jpn ineedu
| HYBE Labels/Youtube

4. Jungkook’s speakers

The Golden Maknae sings in a room of soundproofing boards and speakers…

| SMART Communications/Youtube

…that might have been inspired by his BE concept photos.

| Big Hit Music/Facebook

5. J-Hope’s set

Dance king J-Hope encourages viewers to “keep moving” while hanging out in a neon cityscape…

| SMART Communications/Youtube 

…that bears resemblance to his “Outro: Ego” MV.

| HYBE Labels/Youtube

6. SMART With Luv

This subway station set has signs advertising SMART and the Philippines, but it also has a few things in common with BTS’s “Boy With Luv” music video.

| SMART Communications/Youtube

The MV features similar streetlamps…

| HYBE Labels/Youtube

…and signs that point to BTS’s past work.

| HYBE Labels/Youtube

7. Suga’s keyboard

Speaking of “Boy With Luv”, did you notice the light-up keyboard behind Suga?

| SMART Communications/Youtube

| HYBE Labels/Youtube

8. Jimin’s black and white scene

Adding black and white might just be an aesthetic choice, but it’s worth noting that the SMART commercial begins with “Life Goes On” as an intro to “Dynamite”.

| SMART Communications/Youtube 

In one of the most memorable performances of “Life Goes On”, BTS brought color to a black and white world for 2020 MAMA. In the SMART commercial, Jimin encourages everyone to “keep connecting,” and that’s what “Life Goes On” is all about!