On August 21, BTS dropped their single “Dynamite” and broke records left and right including hitting 100M views on their music video in just a little over 24 hours!


Big Hit then started to release an overload of fun content for fans and honestly we ain’t mad at all! One of the posts revealed a #Dance_Dynamite TikTok challenge that showed the members having a fun time dancing along to the song.

Not only that, they dropped a #BTS_Dynamite #LipSyncParty online hoping that fans would sing along with them.

Jimin starts off the lipsync party…

…with Jungkook coming right up next!

J-Hope grooves along to the beat…

…as Jin shocks us once again with his worldwide handsome visuals!

V plays around with the camera angles…

…while RM and Suga get the groove going!

Now it’s your turn to send in your submission of the “Dynamite” lip sync video for a chance to be a part of the Lip Sync Party video!

| bts-082120 website

Watch the official lip sync video guide below and get started!