BTS’ Suga dropped by to meet up with the guys of Epik High, and fans are loving the chance to see these friends together!

On October 30, Epik High’s Tablo shared a photo on Instagram of Suga with himself, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz. He wrote in the caption, “Epik High had a visitor today and I have a huge pimple on my nose.”

Fans have been delighted over the years to see the bond grow between Suga and Epik High, as Suga named the group (and their song “Fly” in particular) as one of the reasons he became a rapper.

Suga has talked before about how Epik High shows their support for BTS, and he was included as a hidden featuring artist on Epik High’s most recent album “We’ve Done Something Wonderful.” After the release of BTS’s “Love Yourself: Answer” in August, Tablo posted a screenshot of himself streaming Suga’s solo track “Trivia: Seesaw.” Tablo even previously got Suga to teach him the choreography to BTS’s “Fire” for a special event at Epik High’s concert.

Are you loving this friendship too?