In a new interview with Rolling StoneBTS were asked about their music, their thoughts on discrimination, and much more, including romantic relationships.


Are you dating anyone? Over the course of their eight-year career, BTS has answered this question in a number of ways. Oftentimes, the members inform inquiring minds that they are too busy to date. Even in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic slowed the entire world to a standstill, BTS was hard at work creating their GRAMMY-nominated single “Dynamite,” and their 2020 album BE. 

BTS during “Dynamite” promotions | @bts_bighit/Twitter

BTS’s intensely loyal and loving fandom, ARMY, has been by the group’s side since debut, through thick and thin. Are the members worried about how ARMYs will react to dating news? Suga tackled the topic in his typical direct, matter-of-fact way.

“I have a hard time understanding this question,” he told Rolling Stone. “ARMY is a diverse group. In this hypothetical situation, some may accept it, some may not…”


“Whether it’s dating, or something else,” he continued. “they’re all individuals, and they will understand things differently.”

| Rolling Stone

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