While many groups are striving for more and more commercial success this year, BTS‘s J-Hope has a different future goal in mind—and Suga may be the one who inspired it.

During a press conference for new album BE, the BTS members reflected on the past year, sharing some of the sentiments they poured into the comforting BE tracks. For J-Hope, 2020 got off to a great start, but things quickly changed when the pandemic hit.


We put in a lot of effort, and [the year] was good from the very beginning. We made a great accomplishment with Map of the Soul. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, I had time to think about my job deeply.

— J-Hope

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the year from being “memorable” for all seven members. J-Hope noted how remarkable it was to release “Dynamite” and reach no. 1 on the prestigious US Billboard Hot 100 chart—plus, he said, they have a new album out, too.

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But with so many milestones achieved already, what is J-Hope striving for next? The rap and dance legend revealed that his new goal is inspired by none other than fellow member, Suga.

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So far, Suga has been absent from BE activities and promotions, and is likely to stay on hiatus for the foreseeable future due to his health condition. Earlier this month, the rapper underwent surgery for a past shoulder injury, and is currently in recovery. Of course, just like the rest of BTS, Suga is still an integral part of the team.

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I feel so sorry that Suga is not here now.

— J-Hope

J-Hope lamented his hiatus during the press conference, sharing that he’s realized “the absence of Suga is very big” in his mind. As such, after thinking about Suga’s own health, J-Hope revealed that his “individual and ultimate goal” is for BTS to keep themselves healthy.


In a recent YouTube live broadcast, Jimin shared similar feelings. In the wake of Suga’s surgery, the dance legend explained that all the members have recently been “watching [their] health” and “taking it easy” when their bodies need a break.


He went on to say that Suga elected to have shoulder surgery as a preventative measure to stop his injury from interfering with his career in the future. Since then, Jimin says he’s been “trying to work on the foundations” on his own health—and it seems J-Hope feels the same way.