In addition to releasing a teaser video today, BTS announces their Asia tour for “2016 BTS LIVE Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa on stage : epilogue,” bringing the concert to to a total of seven countries, 10 cities, and 13 performances.

Including Korea (Seoul), the tour hits Thailand (Bangkok), Philippines (Manila), Japan (Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo), China (Nanjing, Beijing),  Macau, and Taiwan. The concerts will take place in arenas or locations larger.

The tour begins in Seoul on May 7-8, at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

Before the concert, BTS is returning with the third and final part of their “youth” series through the special album titled “Young Forever.” The first two were “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (Hwayangyeonhwa) Part. 1″ and “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part. 2.”

“Young Forever” is out May 2.

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