The release day for BE is less than a week away, and BTS is just as excited about it as ARMYs are!

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BE is BTS’s first self-produced album in all aspects. The members have always been directly involved in writing their music, but this time they also took on additional behind the scenes roles to create their album’s concept, teaser photos, outfits, music videos, and more.


In a new unboxing video, BTS gives fans a sneak peek at BE and all the goodies that come with it. The album is packaged in a book-like box that also contains a making-of book, a lyric book, photo cards, a photo frame, a polaroid, postcards, and a poster.


This was BTS’s first time seeing their album and its extras. They marveled at the overall design as well as the small details, like RM‘s handwriting on the cover.

BTS were also delighted to see their credits for BEJimin is credited as “A&R” (Artists and Repertoire), the liaison between BTS and their company. As A&R, he was responsible for overseeing all the members’ creative activities during BE‘s development and sharing those ideas with Big Hit Entertainment’s executives and staff.

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is “Visual Creative”, the mind behind all visual aspects for BE, such as its concept photos. The music videos for BE have yet to be released, but V likely played a key role in conceptualizing their sets, props, and outfits. BTS also recognizes V for his uncredited role of looking after their “conditioning” or “mental care”.


RM is credited with “Album Design”, meaning that he helped to design the cover of the album, its tracklist, and more. This might not surprise fans, who have noticed similarities between BE and the black and white, minimalist design of his mono mixtape.

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JinSugaJ-Hope, and Jungkook are all credited with “Production and Coordination”.

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When asked what they coordinated, Jin laughed and said, “They [the staff] just put our names for us.”

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Previously, Jungkook mentioned that he co-directed their new music video.

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